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Advanced Interlock Systems goal is to have ZERO drunk drivers on the road and ZERO fatalities due to drunk or impaired driving!

These in-car interlock devices incorporate intelligent driver recognition, mandatory breath-testing before ignition and immediate lock-down of vehicle's ignition system at the first indication of alcohol, to successfully prohibit intoxicated drivers from repeatedly harming themselves and their fellow citizens.

Studies show that re-arrest rates have decreased by 66% among individuals who have used an Interlock device.

Advanced Interlock is founded on providing technologically innovative and reliable products, and ensuring a cost-effective alternative to the expense of incarceration.

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Advanced Interlock offers the most dependable and user-friendly device on the market. Our interlock system has been widely used in the US for over 24 years, in which time it has set a standard of excellence within the interlock industry.

Our management company has not only catered to our customers but has been instrumental in supporting public safety campaigns and legislation as well as been a dedicated voice and example in pushing for environmental standards within the ignition interlock industry.

  Our interlock systems meets and exceeds the standard operating requirements laid out b the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Utah Court system and the Utah Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).


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Advanced interlock offers affordable court and dmv ordered interlock solutions for every need.

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